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University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program

Title of Event: University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program
Description of Event: Our mission is to provide excellence in comprehensive sexual health education and training to professionals aiming to become Sex Therapists, Sex Educators, and Sexuality Counselors while maintaining the core values that sexual health is a part of general health, that problems in sexual health are multifaceted relating to psychological, environmental, hormonal, medical, physiological, social, and relational areas of functioning, and that sexual health is an issue of social justice whereby all should have access to information regarding their own sexual health and pleasure.
Following the completion of SHCP, participants will be able to employ evidence-informed sexual health information for diverse populations, settings, and health considerations within their work as sex educators, therapists, and counselors.
This program is for mental health professionals, medical health professionals, and health educators interested in becoming sexual health providers or enhancing their sexual health skills. Professionals seeking a certificate in sexual health may include: social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, counselors, physicians, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, midwives, physical therapists, other healthcare professionals, pre-K-12 educators, college educators, and clergy, among others.
The Sexual Health Certificate Program provides comprehensive education and training to professionals interested in the field of sexual health in five tracks: Sexuality Education, Sex Therapy, Sexuality Counseling, Dual Track: Sexuality Counseling + Sexuality Education, and Dual Track Sex Therapy + Sex Education. 
Date of Event: March 2024 - April 2025
Time of Event: 8am ET - 5pm ET
Location: Online - Synchronous and Asynchronous
Presenter/Speaker:  See Website for List of Speakers
Company/Organization Sponsor: University of Michigan 
Contact Name: Liz Haas
Contact Telephone Number: (734) 763-5723
AASECT Approved CEs: 210