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AASECT Meet & Greets

AASECT Meet and Greets (M&G) provide opportunities for AASECT members to meet and get to know each other throughout the year. They are opportunities to network, gain AASECT CEs through 1 hour presentations on pertinent sexuality topics and to increase awareness of and excitement around AASECT. They are also opportunities for potential members to learn about AASECT and receive mentorship or guidance regarding certification and becoming involved in the organization. We are excited to make the Meet and Greets a vital part of AASECT socialization and education!

There are two types of Meet and Greets: Social, and Educational. They can be primarily social in nature, i.e., lunchtime event, happy hour, or, primarily educational, i.e. a discussion topic or speaker. Meet and Greets that are purely social in nature are welcome and encouraged, but DO NOT give AASECT CE credits. Only Meet and Greets that are educative and meet the CE criteria give CE credit. Meet and Greets offering CE should be at least one hour long and can include members and potential members.

The Regional Representatives and/or section heads are responsible for presenting Meet and Greet plans and ideas to the Vice President of Membership for approval. Regional representatives are asked to organize or oversee at least 1 Meet and Greet quarterly for AASECT members. Section heads or committee members in different areas of the region are encouraged to have quarterly Meet and Greets, also.

To host an AASECT Meet and Greet Event, please complete the application below and submit it to 

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Once your Meet & Greet Event has been approved, submit your event details to include on our calendar of AASECT approved CE events.

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