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Intimacy Skills

Crossing the Line: Dealing with Sexual Boundary Violations

Title of Event: Crossing the Line: Dealing with Sexual Boundary Violations
Description of Event:
Consent is essential to safe sex, and clear, strong boundaries are essential to consent. In order to get better at embracing consent culture in our private sex lives and shared community spaces, we need to help each other learn to understand, set, maintain, and respect sexual boundaries.

Lessons from the Netflix Series 'Sex Education'

Title of Event: Lessons from  the Netflix Series 'Sex Education'
Description of Event:
How does the Netflix series 'Sex Education' attend to young people's critique of school-based sexuality education? This lecture will explore what and how educative content is offered to young people about sex, sexuality and gender in the first 3 seasons. It is argued the series successfully addresses many critiques young people make of conventional school-based sexuality education. 

Treating Out of Control Sexual Behaviors

Title of Event: Treating Out of Control Sexual Behaviors
Description of Event: There are many misconceptions about out of control sexual behaviors and the assumption that they should be labeled as sex addiction. In this training, we discuss how sex addiction is not a diagnosable disorder, why it's out there, and how we can take a sex positive approach to assessing and treating clients with out of control sexual behaviors. 
Course Objectives:

Sexuality and Aging: It Only Gets Better!

Title of Event: Sexuality and Aging: It Only Gets Better!
Description of Event:
In this course, we will explore how sexuality changes as we get older. We will explore research and provide interventions to help you help your clients continue to feel hope when it comes to sex.
Course Objectives:
  • Analyze cultural messaging that is showing up in clients & identify ways to reframe this with them

Desire Discrepancy 2.0

Title of Event: Desire Discrepancy 2.0
Description of Event:
Many clients come in experiencing low desire/libido or desire discrepancy between partners. In this course, we teach you the multitude of factors to consider in assessing this concern as well as a variety of treatment options for clients, depending on the cause. You'll leave with a variety of intervention options to help clients reconnect sexually.

Becoming a Poly-Informed Clinician

Title of Event: Becoming a Poly-Informed Clinician
Description of Event:
Consensual Non-Monogamy is often misunderstood and stigmatized. With non-monogamous relationships continuing to become more mainstream, this training is geared toward helping clinicians become more competent so that they can help their clients.
Date of Event: 1/1/24 - 12/31/26
Location: Online Asynchronous