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Somatica Core Training

Title of Event: Somatica Core Training
Description of Event:
Somatica is a holistic, experiential, and pleasure-based approach to sex and relationship coaching. The Core Training is a 6-module training for coaches in training or therapists who want to enhance their therapy practice. In it you will learn all of the foundational exercises of Somatica to be able to support your clients in deeping self-love and awareness, and learning the tools of emotional and erotic intimacy. The training includes all of the following plus much more:
  • Fundamental Coaching Techniques
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Embodiment
  • Desires and Boundaries
  • Consent
  • Trauma Empowerment
  • Inner Child
  • Identifying and Dealing with Triggers
  • Relationship Repair and Conflict Resolution
  • Secure Attachment
  • Celebrating and Understanding the Multiplicity of Identity
  • The Anatomy and Physiology of Pleasure
  • Reclaiming Full Erotic Self-Expression
  • Giving and Receiving
  • The 3 Dimensions of Sex
  • Core Desires
  • Hottest Sexual Movie - Populating the Sexual Menu
  • Finding and Reviving the Spark
Date of Event: (If this is an Asynchronous event, please list date range that event will be accessible.) October 25-27, 2024 November 15-17, 2024 December 13-15, 2024 January 17-19, 2025 February 7-9, 2025 March 21-23, 2025
Time of Event: (if applicable) 8:30am to 2:15pm PST on all of those dates
Location: (City, State or if Online Synchronous/Online Asynchronous) Online over Zoom Synchronous - Live Teaching
Presenter/Speaker: Kai Wu, Victoria King, Susan Coates, Erica Daniel, Christina Vickory
Contact Name: Celeste Hirschman
Contact Telephone Number: (415) 336-3258
Contact Email:
AASECT Approved CEs: 64