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Sex in the Second Half of Life

 Title of Event: Sex in the Second Half of Life
Description of Event:
Our experience of sexuality evolves across the lifespan and changes as we continue to grow and develop. This class will examine and celebrate sexuality in the second half of life, drawing from various perspectives from advocates, educators, and sex therapists. We will cover topics that frequently affect sexuality after age 40, such as perimenopause and menopause, sexual response changes, evolving sexual self-concept, and changes in relationship status due to divorce or bereavement. We will discuss how to be informed and supportive as helping professionals for clients exploring sex in the second half of life, including education about sexual adaptations that are helpful for a wide variety of changes in body response. Transference/countertransference will be explored, as well as dynamics related to practitioner and client age, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other cultural differences that might present in a therapeutic setting.
Date of Event: April 6th & 7th
Time of Event: 9am-6:30pm Mountain time 
Location: Online Synchronous
Presenter/Speaker: Laura Rademacher, MA, LMFT, CST, CST-S
Company/Organization Sponsor: Southwestern College/New Earth Institute
Contact Name: Laura Rademacher
Contact Telephone Number: (612) 879-0476
AASECT Approved CEs: 16