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Educator’s Masterclass: Secondary Series

Title: Educator’s Masterclass: Secondary Series              

Date: Launching October 1st

Location: We are pleased to offer an online, e-Learning, asynchronous course for students to learn remotely at their own pace


  • Primary Presenter: Stephanie Mitelman, MA, CSE, CFLE
  • Guest presenters: Bill Taverner, MA, CSE and Katja Kathol, M.Ed.               

Contact: Katja Kathol             

TEL: +1 (403) 542 1759          




AASECT approved for: 12 CE Credits

(AASECT CE Credits 60 minutes = 1 CE Credit)


Core Knowledge Area(s):

The course gives educators the tools, information, and confidence to teach Sex Ed to young adults. The 12-week course covers several AASECT Core Knowledge areas, including (A) Ethics and ethical behavior, (D) Issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity, (E) Intimacy skills, (G) Sexual and reproductive anatomy, (H) Health and medical factors that may influence sexuality, (J) Sexual exploitation including sexual abuse, harassment, and assault, (K) Cyber sexuality and social media, and (N) Learning theory and its application.