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AMA Says Changing Sex on Birth Certificates Should Not Require Surgery

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently issued a news release calling for the modernization of birth certificate policies. According to this release, they have adopted a new policy supporting the elimination of any government requirement that an individual must have undergone surgery in order to change the sex indicated on a birth certificate.

How Can We Continue Challenging What We Think and How We Practice?

In our June 2014 issue of Contemporary Sexuality, we published a piece entitled "Exploring Evolving Clinical Models for Sex Therapy." Using the debate about the sex addiction model as a jumping-off point, we explore licensing standards, research, and the need to continue questioning what we think and how we practice.

In particular, we ask questions like:

How can we more effectively serve those we're licensed to serve?

National Teacher Preparation Standards on Sexuality Education Aim To Improve Training for Educators

A group of sex educators across the country have developed and released a set of educational standards titled the National Teacher Preparation Standards on Sexuality Education. These standards were created to provide guidance to institutions of higher education in order to better prepare undergraduate physical and health education teachers to deliver sexuality education in school settings.

Catalyst Con Continues To Promote Discussion About Sexuality Education

I recently had an amazing time at the March 2014 Catalyst Con East conference held in the Washington, D.C. area, and wanted to share the details of my experience with other AASECTers.  

The purpose of this con is to stimulate discussion about ideas in order to provide a catalyst for change in how sexuality education occurs in the United States. Since I am a sexuality educator, I thrive on exposure to new ideas and to having my own perspectives questioned. 

Catalyst Con did just that.

Large Percentage of Teens Not Receiving a Formal Sex Education Before Having Sex

This past Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report on pregnancy among teenagers. They revealed that more younger teens were giving birth between the ages of 15 to 17, and also explored what could possibly be done to turn this tide. Specifically, they found that 1,700 babies a week were born to girls aged 15 to 17 in 2012.

A Way To Treat HIV Without Medication? Scientists May Have the Answer

Recent news shows that a technique that could be used to safely treat and control HIV without the use of drugs may prove viable. This technique, supported by the National Institute of Health, utilizes the genetic modification of cells to help those infected with the virus control it.

According to the initial report, scientists have found that they may be able to help those with the virus, "by removing key cells from HIV-infected individuals, genetically modifying the cells to resist HIV infection and returning them to those people."