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ASHA Develops Helpful Resource with Health Is Power Tool Kit

The American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) has developed the Health Is Power tool kit, which is designed for use by organizations who are trying to better promote sexual health among young African American men (ages 18-30). This campaign includes messaging around increased condom use, healthy relationships, sexually transmitted disease prevention, and open partner communication. There are a number of materials available for download, including:

Half of General Practitioners Don't Know Sexual Identity of Their Gay and Bisexual Male Patients

A survey conducted in New Zealand shows that half of gay and bisexual men don't believe their general practitioner is aware of their sexual orientation. "This low level of awareness means that many gay and bisexual men are likely not being offered relevant care, such as HIV and STI tests, vaccination and advice about safe sex by their GP," lead author of the study, Adrian Ludlam, said in a press release.

Sex Reassignment Now To Be Covered By Hundreds of U.S. Companies

CBS-DC reports that hundreds of U.S. companies are adding sex reassignment as a health insurance benefit. In fact, more than 415 out of about 780 firms surveyed say they cover related procedures that include hormone therapy and sex-reassignment surgeries. This stand in vast contrast to the results of a 2009 survey, wherein only 49 of the companies surveyed included such benefits.