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Women's Publications Are Abuzz with News of a New Crop of Sexual Health Apps

In a recent story on Bustle, an online women's lifestyle publication, a spotlight was placed on It Matters, a new sex ed app launching in 2015. The application will allow users to access eay-to-understand information about sexual and reproductive health, and will also enable them to ask experts questions anonymously and locate nearby clinics.

Possible Takeaways from the Media's Response To This Condom Concept

Three young teenagers who attend the Isaac Newton Academy in London recently won a prize at the TeenTech Awards for a concept they developed: condoms that not only prevent STIs, but also test for them. The media immediately exploded with news of these color-changing condoms that can detect STDs, but Martha Kempner points out in RH Reality Check that these condoms are but a concept... and should perhaps stay that way.

A Variety of Male Contraceptive Options Race Their Way To the Market

Several forms of male contraception are due onto the market in just a few years, reports The Telegraph. And unlike the options available to women, most of them won't include hormones. Vasalgel, for example,  a non-hormonal option administered via injection, was among the first to emerge into the public consciousness, and is due to come on the market sometime between 2018 and 2020.