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Sex-Postive Teachable Moments in Hip Hop

Organization: Sex Ed Lecture Series
Title: Sex-Postive Teachable Moments in Hip Hop
Date: 4/1/2024 - 12/31/2024
Location:  Online Asynchronous
Presenter/Speaker: Alicia Andrews, MEd & Lolita Smith-Moore, MA
Contact: Bill Taverner
Description of Event: Hip Hop is an ever-changing, evolving genre of music. Three areas of society that Hip Hop Culture dominates are politics, education, and corporate America; the same areas that strongly influence sexuality education. During this interactive workshop, we will explore various contentious hip hop songs and review lyrics for sex-positive messages.
By the end of this lecture, participants will be able to utilize teachable moments within hip hop lyrics to identify two sex-positive messages and articulate positive sexual communication.
AASECT Approved CE credit: 1

Event Knowledge Areas Covered: