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Deep Dive into the World of AASECT Ethics

Title of Event: Deep Dive into the World of AASECT Ethics
Description of Event:
Take a deep dive into the AASECT Code of Conduct and engage in a virtual workshop to learn about each of the articles and principles that AASECT sex educators, counselors, and therapists agree to abide by. Participants will have a greater understanding of the AASECT Code of Conduct and how it applies to them professionally. Participants will also spend time considering ethical dilemmas and how to navigate difficult situations according to the Code of Conduct. This workshop is Kristen Lilla LCSW, CST-S, CSE-S, who was invited to be on the AASECT Ethics Advisory Committee after dedicating her time and commitment to creating ethics workshops just like this one. This virtual event is worth 3 AASECT continuing education hours.
Date of Event: 03/19/24-12/31/24
Location: online asynchronous
Sexuality Education (SE) Training: SE3. Ethical issues in sexuality education.
Sexuality Counseling (SC) Training:
SC5. Ethical issues in sexuality counseling.
Sex Therapy (ST) Training: ST6. Ethical decision-making and best practice.
Presenter/Speaker: Kristen Lilla
Contact Name: Kristen Lilla
Contact Telephone Number: (402) 201-6046
Contact Email:
Event Website:
AASECT Approved CEs: 3

Event Knowledge Areas Covered: