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AASECT Sex Therapist Supervisor Certification Requirements

Beginning September 1, 2012 the candidate for designation as an AASECT Certified Supervisor is expected to meet the following requirements:

To hold a regulatory license, valid in the state or jurisdiction in which they practice, in one of the following disciplines: psychology, medicine, nursing, social work, or marriage and family therapy. Applications from outside the United States must document equivalent certification.

To have been an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist with a minimum of at least two (2) years experience. A certified professional must be AASECT certified at least two (2) years before beginning the process of training to become a certified supervisor. Ongoing AASECT Sex Therapist Supervisor Certification requires ongoing AASECT Sex Therapist Certification. Note: In January 2023, the required length of time as a Certified Sex Therapist was reduced from three (3) years to two (2) years.

To have received a minimum of thirty (30) hours of individual and group supervision of his/her supervision of sex therapy from an AASECT Certified Supervisor. No more than 50% of the hours may be group supervision. Please note: Supervisors-in-training may not lead group supervision alone. Additionally, supervisors-in-training may not supervise other supervisors-in-training. Supervisors-in-training must work with a minimum of 2 supervisees prior to certification. The supervision process must occur between twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months duration, but no less than twelve (12) months.

To provide the Practitioner Supervisor Committee with written recommendations from two professional colleagues other than his/her supervisor who are able to evaluate the candidate's fitness for designation as a certified supervisor. This evaluation is to include assessment of the candidate's knowledge of the general field of sexuality and, specifically, sex therapy; skill as a therapist in general and, specifically, as a sex therapist; capacity for serving in the role of a supervisor; general ability to assume responsibilities; and ethical professional behavior.

To submit to the Practitioner Supervisor Committee a written summary of the candidate's supervision of at least one sex therapy supervisee, including the candidate's therapeutic orientation and the utilization of concepts deemed appropriate to the specific case. The AASECT Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor takes full responsibility for monitoring both the number of supervisees that the supervisor-in-training can have at any one time, as well as the number of hours of supervision that the supervisor-in-training is providing while under supervision toward AASECT Sex Therapist Supervisor Certification.

Application Submission and Payment

Send completed application with all supporting documentation in no more than 2 PDF files to To pay your application fee by credit card online, please email for instructions and details. Please submit all pages of the application in English.

  1. License & complete curriculum vitae (CV)
  2. Clinical Practice
  3. Experience as a Supervisor
  4. Recommendations
  5. Summary of Selected Supervision Experience
  6. Documentation and Fee

NOTE: AASECT supervisor status pertains solely to the supervision process of those seeking AASECT certification status as a sexuality educator, counselor, therapist or practitioner supervisor. AASECT does not condone or encourage anyone to provide supervision that is beyond the scope or jurisdiction of their professional license or credentials. Each person who does supervision is responsible for knowing the limitations of their license and/or credentials.