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Patti Britton, PhD

P.O. Box 2220
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
(323) 405-7169
(310) 760-4081
Ph.D.- Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality MPH-Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
AASECT Certifications:
Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Educator Consultant
Profession/Job Title:
Clinical Sexologist/Sex Coach
Areas of Specialization:
In field of clinical sexology for over 30 years: Practice is primarily by telephone/Skype; some in-person; specializing in individual or couples' sexual enhancement or behavioral coaching to overcome any sexual concerns, using traditional and non-traditional techniques. Individual/couples/group workshops and professional trainings available, including mentor sex coaching worldwide. Dr. Patti is a frequent media guest and quoted extensively in print.
Office Hours:
Office Hours: Open-ended, customized to meet your needs; weekdays and weekends by appt. only
Dr. Britton's unique form of Sex Coaching is derived from an interactive, dynamic, personalized sexual education coaching process and personal empowerment model. This process encompasses the mind, emotions, body, energy and spirit-known as MEBES. Results-driven, sex-positive, short-term, holistic, behavioral and directive.
Other Information:
Sex coaching model is fully described in The Art of Sex Coaching (2005), Norton & Co.; The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sensual Massage (2003) is available for couples with touch issues or sexless in their relationship. The erotic novel, The Adventures of Her in France is recommended reading for erotic stimulation and understanding sexuality from a woman's sexual perspective. These are all books written by Patti Britton. More information available at website: and mentor/training in sex coaching at: