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Supervisor of Sexuality Educator Requirements

AASECT Requirements for Sexuality Educator Supervisor Certification

I. Membership in AASECT

The applicant will hold Professional, Retired, or Life Membership in AASECT. Ongoing AASECT Sexuality Educator Supervisor Certification requires ongoing AASECT Sexuality Educator Certification. 

II. Experience as an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator

The applicant will have been an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator for at least three (3) years with at least three (3) years professional experience as a sexuality educator. 

III. Summary of Selected Supervision Experience

Applications should include a general description of  supervisory experience over the years that includes a listing of supervisory educational experiences with diverse populations and settings. Applicants who are mature in the field and helping teach other sexuality educators are encouraged to apply. The supervision they provide to others may be on an informal or formal basis without AASECT contracts. Applicants should be doing this type of supervision as part of their regular work in their communities, universities, and/or family planning clinics. Supervisors-in-training must work with a minimum of 2 supervisees prior to certification.

The applicant will submit a written summary of two to four (2-4) pages of the applicant's supervision of at least one sexuality educator supervisee, including the applicant's supervisory style and the utilization of concepts deemed appropriate to the specific educational setting. The summary should focus on the supervisory process.

IV. Endorsements 

The applicant will include written endorsements from two (2) professional colleagues other than his/her AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor, who are able to evaluate the applicant's fitness for designation as an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor. This evaluation is to include assessment of the applicant's knowledge of the general field of human sexuality and specifically providing sexuality education; skill as an educator in general and specifically as a sexuality educator; capacity for serving in the role of a supervisor; general ability to assume responsibilities; and ethical professional behavior.

V. Application & Approval Process

In addition to the appropriate certification application fee ($300), which is non-refundable, the applicant will submit one (1) copy, in English, of the application.

NOTE: AASECT Supervisor status pertains solely to the supervision process of those seeking AASECT Certification status as a Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Counselor, or Sex Therapist Supervisor. AASECT does not condone or encourage anyone to provide supervision that is beyond the scope or jurisdiction of their professional credentials. Each person who provides supervision is responsible for knowing the limitations of their professional credentials.

AASECT Sexuality Educator Supervisor Certification Under Special Circumstances Application