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Supervisor Certification Under Special Circumstances

  1. License Since supervisor candidate must already be an ongoing member of AASECT and an ongoing AASECT certified sex therapist, the same licensure requirements apply and need not be reestablished with this application.
  2. Clinical Practice To have been an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist for a minimum of ten (10) years experience in an active sex therapy practice, including supervision experience in an allied field. On going certification by AASECT as a certified supervisor requires on going certification by AASECT as a sex therapist.
  3. Experience as a Supervisor
    1. To have ten (10) years work experience as a clinical supervisor and be currently active as a clinical supervisor. OR
    2. To be certified as a clinical supervisor by another professional organization (e.g., AAMFT) and have five (5) years of supervisory experience. OR
    3. Take the AAMFT Supervision Class (30 hours).
  4. Application Process

    In addition to the appropriate application fee ($300), which is non-refundable, the candidate will submit one copy in English of the following to the national office:

    1. Copy of AASECT Sex Therapist certificate.
    2. Cover letter outlining how applicant meets the criteria outlined in sections II & III listed above.
    3. Summary of Selected Supervision Experience: To submit to the Supervision Certification Committee a written summary of the candidate's supervision of at least one sex therapy supervisee, including the candidate's therapeutic orientation and the utilization of concepts deemed appropriate to the specific case.
    4. Written recommendations from two professional colleagues who are able to evaluate the candidate's fitness for designation as a certified supervisor are required. This evaluation is to include assessment of the candidate's knowledge of the general field of sexuality and, specifically, sex therapy; skill as a therapist in general and, specifically, as a sex therapist; capacity for serving in the role of a supervisor; general ability to assume responsibilities; and ethical professional behavior.
  5. Miscellaneous
  1. All certified members are required to comply with the ethical standards established by AASECT as expressed in the AASECT Code of Ethics.
  2. Upon approval of the Supervisor Certification Committee, the successful applicant will receive a certificate in recognition of having met AASECT requirements for certification in the area of sex therapy supervision. This certificate will be subject to renewal in three (3) years, with subsequent renewals every three (3).
  3. Membership in AASECT will be maintained on an annual basis to retain the AASECT supervisor certification status. If membership in AASECT lapses, certification will also lapse.
  4. Each AASECT Certified Supervisor will be listed in the AASECT Membership Directory.

NOTE: AASECT supervisor status pertains solely to the supervision process of those seeking AASECT certification status as a sexuality educator, counselor, therapist or practitioner supervisor. AASECT does not condone or encourage anyone to provide supervision that is beyond the scope or jurisdiction of their professional license or credentials. Each person who does supervision is responsible for knowing the limitations of their license and/or credentials.


Submit the application and non refundable processing fee ($300) to:

AASECT, 1444 I Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005 
AASECT Certified Supervisor Requirements - Special Circumstances 

Board approved 9-1-2012