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Conference News

Dr. Russell J. Stambaugh Reflects on the DSM-5 Plenary at AASECT's Annual Conference

On the evening of June 6, 2013, Ken Zucker and Michael First opened AASECT's 44th Annual Conference with a presentation discussing the Psychosexual and Gender Identity Disorders sections of the DSM-5. Their presentation constituted a sort of DSM-5 road show; Dr. Zucker had presented on the DSM-5 Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group's process, and the DSM-5 changes earlier this year at the SSTAR Conference, and I'm sure other appearances in support of the new addition's release are planned.

What Esther Perel and Dan Savage Taught Me About Listening and Speaking

Just last week, AASECT's 47th Annual Conference took place in Minneapolis, allowing sexologists from far and wide to mingle in the spirit of building contacts, knowledge, and professional skills. Here, we spotlight one attendee's experience at the conference,with an excerpt from a piece Buster Ross wrote for the Huffington Post, on how AASECT helped him find his voice: