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Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR)

Title: Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR)


Negative feelings about sex can interfere tremendously with relationships and personal happiness. This course has been developed and is based on a method first developed in the 1970s with the goals to introduce participants to a broad range of human sexual behaviors, orientations, and identities through discussion and media to create greater comfort and ease when dealing with sexual issues.

SAR is a great tool for clinicians, educators, clergy and medical personnel, but it is also a wonderful experience for individuals or partners. It is a personalized event that takes participants through a journey of understanding the erotophobia (fear of various aspects of sex) in our society, the unnecessary angst that we have over sex, and the next steps to comfort and wellness with our whole bodies. SAR is highly recommended as a precursor to any other ISEE course, as it prepares participants for a deeper level of discussion for subsequent classes.

ISEE consistently receives feedback from participants that our SAR process is superior to others that they have attended due to our interactivity, our integration of the body and mind, our philosophy, and our flow. Find out why the ISEE holistic approach makes such a big difference.

Dates: Friday - Sunday, July 12 - 14 (3-Day)

Live Streaming Webinar

Presenter: Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo, MA, CSES


Contact: ISEE Staff

Phone: 860.384.0442



CE Credits: 16.5