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Faculty and Program

  The Body Whisperers

Rich Walkden is a facilitator with the Human Awareness Institute (HAI). Rich has had a keen interest in interpersonal relationships and personal growth work from early adulthood. As a facilitator, Rich utilizes his training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, personal growth coaching, and as a mental health consultant to support others in moving from disconnection to deep love and vitality. In addition to HAI, Rich facilitates workshops for people dealing with domestic violence issues, aiding them in learning healthy, compassionate relationship skills. Rich also effectively coaches adults who feel confronted with issues regarding relationship, love, intimacy, and sexuality. More about Rich.

Caffyn Jesse is a leading somatic sex educator who co-teaches the Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education professional trainings in Canada for the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology. She offers her own weeklong training for Intimacy Educators, and occasional workshops on topics ranging from sex in long-term relationships to trauma training for professionals who touch. 

Caffyn is a prolific author who has researched and written on the science of sexological bodywork, neurobiology and sexual healing, trauma, orgasm coaching and many other topics. Books include Science for Sexual Happiness, Pelvic Pain Clinic, and Erotic Massage for Healing and Pleasure. Video programs (available free at include Healing Circumcision: Work with Scars plus Learn Erotic Massage. See more at

Mehdi is a psychotherapist specialized in trauma as well as a trauma-focused body-worker with a unique method of healing trauma: Perfect Touch. He is an adjunct faculty at the Institute for The Study of Somatic Sexology. Over the past four years he has taught courses on healing trauma to sex workers. In 2017 he contributed two chapters about his work to the book "Healers on the Edge", an anthology about Somatic Sex Education. Currently he is working on a book about his method of healing trauma with pleasure.


The Body Sacred (TBS) is an organization whose mission is to create a safe, non-judgmental, loving environment for personal exploration at the intersection of where the erotic and the sacred meet in a community setting.  

Joanne Porzio is President of the TBS Board of Directors and a frequent TBS retreat leader. In her personal work life, Joanne is a Sacred Intimate working with her clients to experience the healing power of pleasure. Each session is customized to the client and can consist of erotic touch, intense sensation and domination techniques to bring clients out of their heads and into their bodies for healing and transformation.


Brian Gibney has worn many hats in his life: scientific researcher, educator, professional artist, and circus performer. As an International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA) trained surrogate partner and intimacy coach, Brian seeks to use his knowledge to help people overcome obstacles to physical and emotional intimacy. Applying techniques pioneered by Masters and Johnson, he uses an interdisciplinary approach to help others find balance in their intellectual, emotional, and physical selves.