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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion SAR Scholarship

Objectives: AASECT seeks to promote an inclusive climate within the organization with an emphasis on racial justice and related intersections of sexual health. In doing so, AASECT is committed to diversifying its membership and increasing the presence of underrepresented racial and ethnic sexuality educators, therapists, and counselors. By providing funding for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) SAR scholarship, AASECT’s goal is to address potential barriers to members’ engagement and participation.

Background: The work of Aida Manduley and Kira Manser from the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH) and the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN) inspired the creation of the DEI SAR scholarship. In the spring of 2018, the CSPH and WOCSHN members advocated for greater access to SAR trainings, which are a required component for AASECT certification but due to cost, are not always accessible by all members. In response, the AASECT Board of Directors met during the summer of 2018 and approved funding be designated to fund eight SAR scholarships. Members of AASECT’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee worked on behalf of the AASECT BoD, and with the impetus of the scholarship in mind, to develop scholarship criteria, which included designation of the scholarship specifically for People of Color (POC) and underrepresented sexuality educators, counselors, and therapists who demonstrate a commitment to promoting racial justice.

Scholarship Amount: Full cost of (1) registration for the 2023 AASECT SAR.

Number of Scholarships: 8

Eligibility Requirements: These scholarships are intended for People of Color who demonstrate a commitment to sexual health, and have economic barriers that limit SAR participation. Recipients must be AASECT members in good standing with the association.

Application Questions: Write a 1-3 page (maximum) personal statement to help us get to know you better, and answer the following questions.

  1. Please describe how your identity(ies) support your eligibility for this scholarship.
  2. What are your professional goals in the sexuality field and how will attending the SAR be useful in achieving them?
  3. Describe your understanding of the importance of intersectionality in the sexual health field, and provide an example on how you center racial justice in your work.
  4. How have you shown your commitment to advocacy, and/or community leadership in the area of sexual health?
  5. Include a statement describing any special circumstance that impacts you or your family’s ability to pay for the SAR.

Submit your recent CV/Resume and personal statement to Attn: SAR Scholarship.

The AASECT Board of Directors and DEI committee thanks you for your interest and looks forward to reviewing your application

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