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AASECT Membership Agreement

Individuals joining AASECT must attest and adhere to the following: 

  1. AASECT members agree to uphold AASECT's Bylaws and AASECT’s Vision of Sexual Health.
  2. AASECT members shall put the welfare of the consumer first.

Given that consumers are in unique and vulnerable positions with respect to the sensitive nature of services related to sexuality education, counseling, therapy, research and supervision, AASECT members shall constantly be mindful of the responsibility for protection of the consumer’s welfare, rights and best interests and for the rigorous maintenance of the trust implicit in the consumer relationship.

  1.  The member shall, from the onset of professional contact with a consumer or a potential consumer, clarify: 
    1.  Professional training, experiences and competencies.
      AASECT's mission includes responsibility for providing education and certification for sexual health professionals. AASECT objectives is to protect the consumer and to ensure that the public is not misled by inaccurate claims of those AASECT practitioners.
    2. AASECT members not holding AASECT Certification as a Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Counselor or Sex Therapists may not list their AASECT membership in any manner, media or forum which implies any level of certification. Any misrepresentation or misleading of the public as to professional qualifications or to certification status could result in denial or termination of membership.
    3. If a Certified Member lists certification as part of their credentials in any manner, media or forum, that member must specify the area of certification (i.e., Sexuality Educator, Sexuality Counselor, Sex Therapist or Supervisor.) For example, a Certified Sexuality Counselor may not advertise him/herself as a Certified Sexuality Educator. Only AASECT Certified Supervisors may advertise themselves as offering AASECT Supervision.
    4. AASECT members who are candidates for degrees, certification or supervisor, may not state their candidacy as part of their identification in any manner, media or forum. For example, a member seeking AASECT sex therapy certification may not advertise that status, or state ’Sex Therapy Certification Candidate, or CST-C.