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48th Annual AASECT Conference

A mosaic is made of numerous pieces, each one unique, and equally important in the end result. In order to construct one, intricate and unique tiles are brought together to create an overall picture. If a single piece is unaccounted for, the mosaic is unfinished. The full beauty of a landscape cannot be actualized if any piece is lost, neglected, or destroyed.

A mosaic cannot come together without a solid foundation upon which to build. As a part of sexuality work, it is essential that we examine the foundations of our profession, our individual practices within the profession, and our individual selves. Despite social gains, the foundations of our field are continually threatened by systems of prejudice, including racism, classism, ableism, ageism, sexism, heterocentrism, genderism, and transphobia. These systems work against us as sexuality professionals, inhibit our students’ and clients’ success in creating their own sexuality mosaic; thus, resulting in an unfinished landscape.

As we gather together in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2016, we will explore the various pieces in the landscape of human sexuality, with an eye towards expanding our understanding of the utmost importance and significance of practicing inclusivity and impact-awareness in the field of sexuality. Beyond naming a vision of inclusivity for our field, we will also focus on identifying and implementing steps toward to forming this mosaic together.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) is holding its 48th Annual Conference at the Condado Plaza Hilton in Puerto Rico. AASECT is a not-for-profit, interdisciplinary, professional organization that has a membership of approximately 2,000 professionals. Conference attendees share an interest in promoting the understanding of human sexuality and healthy sexual behavior.

The Annual Conference averages 500-600 conference attendees from around the world in disciplines such as sexuality education, counseling, therapy, social work, psychology, sociology, nursing, medicine and more. The latest clinical techniques, research applications, and educational approaches in the field of sexual science will be featured. We look forward to celebrating our 48th Annual Conference with you!

We invite you to be an exhibitor and/or sponsor at AASECT’s 48th Annual Conference. The event will be held June 8-12, 2016 at the Condado Plaza Hilton in Puerto Rico. The conference theme is Inclusivity in Practice: Putting the Pieces Together.

Reservation Deadline: April 15, 2016
Payment Deadline: May 1, 2015
NOTE: Returning exhibitors from 2015 may receive a 20% discount if paid by December 15, 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or (202) 449-1099.

Exhibitor & Sponsorship Prospectus

48th Annual Conference Scholarships

The Bill T. Jones Scholarship Fund

Bill T. Jones is an internationally acclaimed dancer, director, writer, and choreographer. His work has collided with, and challenged gender roles, violence, love, war, illness, HIV, survival, strength, sexuality, and eroticism. Robert Wierzel, Bill’s lighting design collaborator since 1985, and P. Michele Sugg, MSW, LCSW, CST honor Bill’s fierce passion by funding a scholarship in his name, to encourage and nurture diversity within AASECT.

This $500 scholarship will be awarded once per year, as funds are available, to a qualified applicant as a credit toward the registration cost of AASECT’s Annual Conference.

Those interested in applying to the Bill T. Jones Scholarship Fund must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a person of color.
  • Have a prerequisite degree (minimum Bachelor’s level) for pursuing a career in the field of human sexuality, sexuality education, sexuality counseling, sex therapy, sex research, sexology, or sexual health.
  • Demonstrate commitment to pursuing a career in the field of human sexuality, sexuality education, sexuality counseling, sex therapy, sex research, or sexual health.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation documenting this person’s commitment to the field of human sexuality, sexuality education, sexuality counseling, sex therapy, sex research, or sexual health.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Essay/personal statement addressing how this scholarship award might help in accomplishing one’s personal career goals.

To apply:Please submit your essay/personal statement, two letters of recommendation, and statement of financial need electronically to
Deadline: March 1, 2016

John Sughrue, Jr., MD Scholarship

Joan Sughrue, MEd, BSN, RN, DST, CSSP, in memory of her beloved husband, John Sughrue, Jr., MD, is offering a $1000 scholarship to a medical or nursing student to receive sexuality education and training by attending the AASECT 2016 Annual Conference. The scholarship is open to both US and international students.

John became an AASECT member in the late 1970s. He was certified as a Sex Therapist in 1983 and awarded Diplomate of Sex Therapy status in 2003. John loved attending and learning at AASECT conferences and felt that physicians and nurses should be adequately trained in the sexuality field.

To apply:Please send your current curriculum vitae and a letter of application stating your interest in the sexuality field and how you plan to incorporate sexuality education and counseling in your medical or nursing practice. Email:
Deadline: March 1, 2016

48th Annual Conference Award Nominations

Each year leaders and students in the sexuality field are honored at the AASECT Annual Conference. Take the time to recognize a deserving candidate with a nomination!

Award Descriptions

Professional Standard of Excellence Award
(Service to field of sexuality by a professional)
This award is presented to a member or non-member of AASECT who has worked extensively to represent or advance the field of human sexuality through activities including, but not limited to, clinical programs or other original clinical contributions; the development and implementation of sexuality education curriculum; scientific research; and art, print, radio, television or internet media contributions. The recipient will be an individual who is recognized by peers as a competent and accomplished colleague, an expert in the field, and an exemplary bearer of the standards of professional and personal ethics as well as the standard of excellence in achievement.

Distinguished Service to AASECT Award
(Service to the organization)
This award is presented to an AASECT member in good standing who is certified in at least one area and has worked to promote the mission of AASECT, advocating for sexual health through the development and advancement of sexuality education, counseling or therapy. This individual will have served the organization through activities including, but not limited to, recruitment of new members; presentation of a paper or workshop at AASECT meetings; serving on the Board of Directors, a committee or task force; developing publications for or about the organization; assistance in the development of AASECT policy; and representation of AASECT in the public sector.

Humanitarian Award
(Service to field of sexuality by private citizen)
This award is presented to an individual or group who has contributed to the field of human sexuality through some private endeavor, charitable event(s), public awareness campaign, sex-positive educational offering, or political platform and who has received national and/or international recognition for the contribution.

Sexuality Educator Award
This award is presented to a current AASECT certified sexuality educator. This award recognizes individuals who have made long-standing contributions, outstanding achievements, or otherwise had a major impact in one or more areas of sexuality education. These areas of impact may include, but are not limited to, teaching in the community, teaching in higher education, raising public awareness of sexual issues, or public advocacy / lobbying policy-makers.

AASECT Audiovisual Award
This award is for the producer(s) of a film, video, or DVD that makes a significant contribution to AASECT’s vision of sexual health and to the clinical and educational standards of the field. The nominated audiovisual can be developed for a professional audience or for a general audience, and must have been produced in 2015.

AASECT Book Award
This award is presented to the author(s) of a book that makes a significant contribution to AASECTs vision of sexual health and to the clinical and educational standards of the field.  The nominated book can be written for a professional audience or for a general audience and must have been published in English in 2015.


Submit a completed Nomination form to by March 1, 2016.


Find inspiration in every direction at The Condado Plaza Hilton. As the only hotel in San Juan with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Condado Lagoon, we invite you to discover this magical island from a truly unique vantage point. It is a short, scenic stroll to the beaches and fashionable shopping and nightlife of Condado and five minutes to the colonial charms of Old San Juan, but don’t be surprised to find yourself drawn in by the many pleasures of our urban resort. Award-winning fine dining at Pikayo, the flagship restaurant of acclaimed Puerto Rican Chef Wilo Benet. A tucked away beach and exhilarating water sports. Four oasis-style pools, including the only saltwater pool in Puerto Rico. The special room rate will be available until May 7, 2016 or until the group block is sold-out, whichever comes first.

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Tour Puerto Rico

While visiting Puerto Rico for the AASECT 48th Annual Conference, make the most of your trip and take a tour of the island! From the wonders of the Bioluminescent Bay and El Yunque National Rainforest, to shopping and more than 500 years of history, Puerto Rico has it all. Whether you gather a group of friends/colleagues, or tour the island solo, you are just one click away from experiencing the best of Puerto Rico!

  • Tours are open to AASECT Conference attendees and also family, friends, and guests of attendees.
  • Tour rates include transfers and prices listed are per person.
  • If tours fail to meet the minimum they may not be exclusive to AASECT or may have to reschedule.
  • If you need assistance please contact us at 787.925.2145 or by email at

Tour Information

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of green mountains, waterfalls and the tropical rainforest of El Yunque National Forest. It's known for its white-sand beaches and coral reefs, popular for snorkeling, diving, surfing and sailing. In San Juan, the capital and largest city, the Isla Verde area is known for its beach bars, nightclubs and casinos. Puerto Rico is a U.S. commonwealth and the U.S. dollar is the official currency; U.S. citizens don’t need a passport or a currency converter!

Puerto Rico is a modern progressive vacation spot that maintains the charm and hospitality of days gone by. You will find everything that the Caribbean has to offer in this all around family destination - and with it is a people whose warmth is equaled only by the sunshine that graces its shores. Puerto Rico offers countless cultural experiences and many historical locations. Whether you enjoy nature or history, nightlife or adventure, culture or sports, pack your bags and discover this unique island full of interesting contrasts and surprises! Friendly, welcoming people most of whom speak English (in addition to their native Spanish), exotic locations, miles upon miles of white sand beaches, plus an unbelievable rain forest and mountains, are all waiting for you in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a vibrant, modern, bilingual, multicultural society that has been molded by Spanish, African, Indian and U.S. influences.

CLIMATE: The climate is as close to perfect as it can get, averaging 83°F (22.7°C) in the winter and 85°F (29.4°C) in the summer. A rainier season starts in August and ends in October, but due to our tropical climate you can expect brief rain showers at any time.

TIME ZONE: Atlantic Standard (AST), which is one hour later (+1) than Eastern Standard Time (EST) and four hours earlier (-4) than Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Puerto Rico does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

SUNRISE/SUNSET AVERAGE: 6:54 am to 6:21 pm

SIZE AND POPULATION: Puerto Rico is approximately 100 by 35 miles (160 by 56 km), which is roughly the size of Connecticut. The Island's population is 3.9 million.

CURRENCY: United States dollar (US$). Major U.S., Canadian, and European banks have branches on the Island.

DOCUMENTS: Puerto Rico is a U.S. Commonwealth with U.S. citizenship. Therefore, passports are not necessary for U.S. citizens.

LANGUAGE: Spanish and English are the official languages, but Spanish is without a doubt the dominant language.

TECHNOLOGY: Puerto Rico is considered the most technologically advanced island in the Caribbean. Most cell phone carriers from the United States work here.

Visit Puerto Rico